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Hoosier Park Casino Set To Open Next Week

Friday 30th May 2008

It seems that it is all go for the Hoosier Park casino to open its doors next week in a move which the owners believe will see over 3 million players enter the casino in the first year. While the figures sound large, the 2,000 slot machines will need to be working over time to cover the massive $250 million one off licence fee to the State – not to mention the ongoing cut of profits.

The Hoosier Park race track casino is the latest in a new line of so called ‘Racinos’ which are bring the sport of racing and casinos together. While there has been much debate about these new ventures they are proving very lucrative for the States involved and helping greatly with budget problems caused by the slowing economy.

After a successful test day the Hoosier Park casino is ready to open to the public next week in what will be a big day for the owners and the local workforce. There are many who feel that the current casino development will be enlarged if it proves as successful as the owners believe, offering further employment opportunities for those in the area.

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