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Iowa regulator ready for online poker

Jeff Lamberti believes Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is prepared for intra-state regulation despite no action from legislators.

Friday 28th December 2012

The leader of the body responsible for supervising all licensed casinos in the Midwestern American state of Iowa has revealed that his organisation is prepared to add the regulation of intra-state online poker to its list of duties. Jeff Lamberti is Chairman for the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission and stated that the regulator is ready because it has to be despite the fact that legislators have yet to approve the legalisation of Internet poker for residents of the Hawkeye State. “That’s really where the next step in gaming is moving,” Lamberti said as part of a special Iowa Press programme due to be broadcast later today via Iowa Public Television. “We’ve seen some states approve it and are moving in that direction. Actually our administrator is very knowledgeable and did a paper regarding Internet poker specifically. “If the legislature tells us that they’re going to authorise that and we need to move forward, we want to do like we do with our current facilities…have a high level of integrity [and] regulate it so the people who engage in that can trust the product. So, if that’s what the legislature decides, we will regulate it and, hopefully, regulate it well.” Lamberti declared that he is confident that the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission would get the resources it requires if legislators decided to authorise intra-state online poker while adding that he still has no idea of what model might be potentially introduced. “We’d like to have it offered through the website portals of the casinos on a platform regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission so you’re assured that when you play that we can keep the minors out,” said Wes Ehrecke, Executive Director for the Iowa Gaming Association, as part of the same television programme. Ehrecke revealed that some 150,000 Iowans out of the state’s total population of just over three million currently play online poker via domains hosted outside of the United States. “And if you’re playing on one of those, if you had a straight flush and win $5,000 and didn’t get paid, who do you go complain to if the site is in Antigua,?” asked Ehrecke. “That wouldn’t happen if it’s regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission and offered through our casino platform.”

Source: OnlineCasinoNews

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