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Dusk Till Dawn premieres private rooms service

Online poker room has launched new Club Cash Games featuring no-limit hold’em and Omaha at stakes from $0.05 to $2/$5.

Monday 23rd September 2013

The iPoker Network online poker site and live cardroom at Dusk Till Dawn has announced the premiere of private rooms. The new Club Cash Games service from Dusk Till Dawn now offers no-limit hold'em and Omaha at stakes from $0.05 to $2/$5 while players’ names, locations and photos are displayed at the tables. All Club Cash Games at Dusk Till Dawn are eight-handed affairs featuring buy-ins ranging from 5 up to 1,000 with the use of any poker tracking software strictly prohibited. Dusk Till Dawn stated that its Club Cash Games service has been designed to replicate the feel of live games while its very own Simon Trumper will serve as manager for the innovation. “Online Club Cash Games come under our live club rules for player etiquette and behaviour and for consistency, the management, monitoring and decision-making will be the responsibility of Simon (Trumper) and his club team,” read a statement from Dusk Till Dawn. “Online Club Cash Games are monitored while there are games going on and for urgent questions or comments please contact the Cash Game Manager on Skype.” In an effort to ensure fairness, Dusk Till Dawn declared that competitors can only take part in a maximum of four no-limit hold‘em or pot-limit Omaha games simultaneously while top players are to be limited to one. “There are excellent players, good players, average players and, of course, bad players,” read the statement from Dusk Till Dawn. “In our live club, the best player can only play at one table at a time. Thank God, imagine if he could play at all of the tables. It wouldn't be long until he had everyone's money. “Saying that, we also understand that the live and online experience is always going to be different and sitting at home in your pyjamas playing one table could be a bit mind numbing, especially as our tables are eight-handed so action will be 33 percent slower than the normal six-handed online format. “Therefore, after much thought, we will allow players to play up to a maximum of four no-limit hold‘em/pot-limit Omaha. We do not want to make the multi-tabling online regulars feel at home.”

Source: OnlineCasinoNews

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