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Norwegian Poker Championships To Be Held in Nottingham

Yes, we know Nottingham isn't in Norway, but those smart Norwegians have found a way around a government law in their home country

Monday 31st March 2008

They say you have to change your game up, keep your opponent on their toes, right? Well, the Norwegians certainly know how to do that, having just announced that this years Norwegian Poker Championships will be held not in Osla or Oppland, but Nottingham. That’s Nottingham on the M1, in England…

The brand new Dusk Till Dawn card room will be playing host to the Norwegians after the Nordic government had banned poker, considering it to be a lottery. That means that anyone playing could face a criminal prosecution. The solution was to take the championships off Norwegian soil. The 7th Norwegian Poker Championships will run from 28th April to 5th May.

A direct flight from Oslo direct to Nottingham will be drafted for the event, with local hotels chosen to host the visitors. This is proof for DTD who had argued in court that the opening of the card room would be beneficial to the local economy. Around 400 players are expected to make the trip over the North Sea.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday 28th April

3pm 200 Fixed Limit Hold’em, chips 4000, 45 minute clock, cap 135

8pm 150 No Limit Hold’em, chips 4000, 30 minute clock, cap 135

Tuesday 29th April

3pm 300 Double Chance Pot Limit Omaha 3000 + 3000, 45 minute clock, cap 180

4pm Day 2 200 Fixed Limit Hold’em

8pm 50 max 2 rebuy 2500 chips, 24 minute clock, cap 180

Wednesday 30th April

3pm Day 2 300 Pot Limit Omaha

8pm 50 Super Satellite for 500, 3000 chips, 24 minute clock, cap 198 (18 seats)

Thursday 1st May

3pm Day 1a 500 No Limit Hold’em, 10,000 chips, 1 hour clock, cap 333

Play 9 levels day ends 2.00pm

Friday 2nd May

Repeat Day 1

Saturday 3rd May

3pm Day 2 500 No Limit - play 9 levels day ends 2.00pm

8pm 200 Pot Limit Omaha Double Chance 5000 + 5000, 30 minute clock

Sunday 4th May

3pm Day 3 500 No Limit play to final

4pm Day 2 200 Pot Limit Omaha

8pm 300 DTD Deepstack 10,000 chips, 45 minute clock

Monday 5th May

3pm 100 Unlimited Rebuys 2500 chips 24 minute clock, cap 180 + alternates

4pm Day 2 300

5pm Final 500

Source: OnlineCasinoNews

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